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Vanilla and Almond Praline Semifredo

Vanilla and Almond Praline Semifredo

Here is a contribution from my friend Antje – photo and recipe.

Antje, that is from Germany, is an awesome cook in a mission to feed (and well) her big family.   She has four little ones including the most gorgeous and well behaved toddler I met, Georgina :-) 

The recipe was inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe from Naked Chef that she “merged” with a Semifredo recipe found on Internet.

The Result is absolutely stunning don’t you think?


Vanilla and Almond Praline Semifredo with Dark Chocolate 
Serves: 1 Cost:$$ | Difficulty:  Medium | Time: 45min+2h chilling
Author: Antje Ecksturm-Rudd


  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 200g sugar
  • 150g almonds (slivers)
  • 500g cream
  • 4 large eggs
  • 60g sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler and pour on a lined baking tray.   Spread out in roughly the same shape as your intended container. Should make 3 sheets for a large loaf tin. Chill.
  2. Bubble the sugar with 2tbs water until golden, mix in nuts and spread onto line baking tray. Chill. When set, break into pieces and pulse in a food processor to desired size.
  3. Separate eggs.  Beat egg whites into stiff peaks, cream into soft peaks. 
  4. Whip egg yolks with the sugar until light and frothy. 
  5. Fold in cream, vanilla, then egg whites. 
  6. Now you can mix in all of the praline or reserve some of the praline for decoration and mix the remainder into 1/3 of the semifredo mixture.
  7. To assemble, line a container (loaf tin) with cling film. Spread some larger pieces of the praline on the bottom. 
  8. Top with a sheet of chocolate. 
  9. Pour 1/3 of the cream mixture over, add another layer of chocolate. Repeat, finishing with the praline and cream mixture. 
  10. Cover with cling film and freeze at least 2 hours. 
  11. To serve, turn out onto a plate or board, remove cling film and cut with a knife dipped in hot water.

Antje & Gorgeous Georgina :)

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