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Too Easy Nutella Mousse

Easy Nutella Mousse

This recipe is so easy that I am almost embarrassed to post it here.

Cream, Nutella, Frangelico and ferrero rocher Chocolate – what can go wrong with this combination?

Just 10 min you will have the perfect dessert for that unexpected visit and they will just not believe how good you were to whip it up so fast ;-) 
For a fancy look, make sure you serve it in pretty little liqueur glasses.   Shot glasses work fine as well.

Too Easy Nutella Mousse
yields 4

300ml Fresh Cream
1 Tablespoon Frangelico or other Hazelnut liqueur
1/4 Cup of Nutella + 2 Tablespoons to assemble
5 Ferrero Rocher crushed
About 12 Fresh Mint Leaves (choose small cute ones)

In a large bowl whisk the cream until it starts to thick – avoid using the mixer (you can easily beat with a fouet) here as over whipping will ruin the silky texture we are looking for. 

Gently stir in the Frangelico and the 1/4 cup of Nutella until combined.

Serve in small liqueur glasses.   To assemble fill 1/4 of the glass and add some Nutella on the top – you can make it prettier by using a fork to marble it a bit making sure you can see it on the outside.   Add another layer of mousse, then Nutella again and finish up with one last layer of mousse.

Top it with the crushed Ferrero Rocher and garnish with the Mint Leaves.

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