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The Fantastic Chocolate Mousse that Disappears

chocolate mousse with great texture and no egg flavor Every cook has it’s favorite chocolate mousse recipe.  
I tried several recipes but was never very happy with any of them because the ones that didn’t have eggs I didn’t like the texture and the ones that had eggs I didn’t like the taste as in my crazy mind I always thought I could taste the eggs.  
After several tries I finally managed to find a proportion of Eggs in the mousse that in my opinion gave me the best texture/taste combination.  

I have been using it for about 10 years now and is a hit among my friends that baptized the recipe as “The Mousse that Disappears”  – trust me, make it once and you will understand why :-) 

Enjoy it!

The Fantastic Chocolate Mousse that Disappears
3 eggs
300 ml fresh cream
1 tablespoon Rum
150g dark chocolate
150g milk chocolate
Put the eggs in a bowl and place it in a large, shallow pan of warm water over low heat stove top (bain marie). Whisk (Don’t stop whisking at any point, otherwise the eggs will curdle) until you have a thick and pale yellow cream.  
Melt the chocolate in the microwave:   in a bowl put first the dark chocolate chopped, heat in the microwave for 1 min.   Add the Milk chocolate chopped, and leave it for more 30 seconds.   Mix really well until all melted.  If necessary put 30 seconds more in the microwave.
Mix the melted chocolate with the eggs.  Stir in the cream and the rum.   
Leave it in the fridge overnight to set.

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