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Bread Indian


I already apologize to my friends from India for not using a traditional Naan recipe, I am still working on trying to convince my hubby to build a tandoor 🙂 This recipe was given to me by my sister in law, as I said, is not a very traditional one but is so full of …

FootyNight Snack

Chilli Bites

This recipe was given to me by a friend that had a pub and was well and truly a business savvy woman. She used to offer to her patrons small bowls of this Chilli little bites for free, the reason was, when they were drinking beer they felt like eating it and once they ate …

Baking Bread

Semolina and Caraway Seeds Bread

This Bread has a kind of a rustic feeling, a great texture and the caraway seeds give it a lovely touch of sweetness.   It does match perfectly with Moroccan tagines and other strong flavored dishes.   Just break it with your hands while still warm and mop the juices up! Semolina and Caraway Seeds Bread 250g …